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AMI Training Programs

The visitor program consists of exclusive access to one of four microscopes for up to four weeks. This access includes dedicated assistance and guidance from a technical expert who will work alongside you in performing successful and informative experiments. During this time, we allow for development of imaging experiments from pilot studies to full scale experiments.


Projects are selected based on scientific merit  by a panel of global researchers. Projects using samples up to BSL2 can be accommodated. Up to two researchers from a selected project will be provided transport to the AMI Imaging Center from anywhere on the continent as well as accommodation for the duration of the visit.


  1. Free and supported access to advanced commercial fluorescence microscopes

  2. Zero cost

  3. One-month visiting scientist program

  4. Accommodation and air travel

  5. Laboratory reagents

  6. Ship samples

  7. Expertise

  8. Work together with experts

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